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How the Brain Learns to See

The October 2015 issue of Science had an interesting article of how the brain learns to see.  Historically, it was assumed that restoring sight in a teen who had been born blind since birth would be unsuccessful.  Recent studies have now shown … Continue reading

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Mastery and Excellence

Math Word Problems  Many, many students have difficulty with word problems.  They may be able to do the computation at a certain level, but word problems are frequently problematic at the same level. Let’s assume that a child is having … Continue reading

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Developing Visual Skills for Reading in Young Children

Jigsaw puzzles are a good way to develop visual memory skills in young children. For very young children, begin with wooden puzzles with knobs and very few pieces. These knobs are designed to help develop the muscles for the tripod … Continue reading

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How You Can Help Your Child Learn to Spell… and pass a spelling test!

How you can help your child learn to spell. Traditional weekly spelling tests don’t work equally for all kids.  Visual learners do well and auditory learners do poorly.  Spelling is a visual skill, thus favoring the visual learner. Typically, a teacher … Continue reading

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