What is Prescriptive Tutoring?

Is your child frustrated trying to learn a subject?

Do you feel like you're wasting money on tutors?

Most tutors teach specific subjects only. But, your child's problem might not be with the subject. The problem could easily be with the way they learn. A professional evaluation at EEC can determine wherein lies the problem.

Our clients include students in regular classrooms and home schooled, as well as students with diagnosed or suspected learning disabilities and/or ADHD or language problems. Students are accepted from kindergarten through college.


Prescriptive tutoring’s aims are to  develop independent homework skills and independent learning skills. 

The prescriptive tutoring technique gathers information from the parents and the student in order to determine the student's learning strengths and weaknesses. From those results a specific program is designed which will address the weaknesses and build on strengths.  While providing needed assistance with homework, prescriptive tutoring does much more.  Prescriptive tutoring determines what information the student is missing that prevents him or her from making significant gains. 

Initial parent consultation is free.  Student evaluations are typically two sessions, 1 to 1-1/2 hours each, and include a comprehensive plan for enhancing learning. 

The diagnostic results are reviewed and an individualized learning plan is developed. It is important to note that with prescriptive tutoring the learning plan is tailored to meet each student's individual needs, as opposed to traditional subject tutoring that does not take into account the entire learning process.

As a result, our students:

  • Learn to think and problem solve
  • Develop self esteem through skill attainment
  • Learn organization skills
  • Learn to focus and stay on task
  • Increase vocabulary and receptive language skills
  • Develop "automaticity" for number facts and decoding word skills
  • Gain higher level comprehension skills
  • Get better grades

And, the skills learned here stay with and benefit the student for life.