About Education Enhancement Center



Think for a moment about these scenarios:

  • Your child enters school and does not perform as well as you think that he/she should be performing
  • The student did well last year but is performing poorly this year
  • Your child seems so very bright but seems “bored” and grades are not as expected
  • Reading is slow and not enjoyable
  • A student understands math concepts but does not do well on tests and quizzes
  • Homework is a chore
  • A child is an eager learner and the schools are not challenging
  • I can’t help my child when he has difficulties with his/her schoolwork

If you see your child in any of the above statements, call the Mesilla Valley Education Enhancement Center at 575-636-2222.  Our trained professionals will assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses and develop a program to enhance your child’s learning. 

Carol Pouy, the founder and owner of Mesilla Valley Education Enhancement Center has had a long career in education. She has worked as a special education teacher in the public school system and has extensive tutoring experience. Her education and experience qualify her to work with children who are functioning below grade level as well as those who need to be challenged with more advanced learning. 

Prior to expanding into New Mexico by opening an office in Las Cruces, she owned a highly successful tutoring center in El Paso.

Education Enhancement Center provides prescriptive tutoring services to parents and students in the Mesilla Valley from Las Cruces to El Paso.